Sunday, January 29, 2017

Ego Deflation

For the past long while I've been operating with a self-inflated ego ----- I've been trying to think positive, trying to think positive thoughts that would bring success to my business and make lots of money.

But now my ego has deflated --- and reality has sunk in.

People generally didn't buy OUYA games. People bought Nvidia Shields instead of Forge TVs. And of those thousands of people who decided to read my books ---- very few to none of them thought it would be worthwhile to actually pay me for any of my efforts.

So, the Forge is no longer being produced.

It was fun to build the games I built, and I was hopeful as ever for success. But people just didn't buy things.

So, if they move Cortex onto the Shield, then OK --- I guess I can continue that way.

But I've been thinking about my games and their quality, and I realize that I fit in well on OUYA/Cortex ------ but I'm not Triple-A or Double-A enough, most likely, to fit in on Google Play, or even PS4.

I like my games. My games are my creation, and I enjoy them. But I realize they just aren't at the level of other titles.

I wouldn't fit in very well with these more-professional stores. I don't think I would.

So, if Cortex is moved onto another platform --- that is where I can continue.

But, other than Cortex, I'm not likely to continue anywhere else. I'm just not elite enough. I did pretty good in my own mind, but I know that's not much compared to so many other great developers.

So today I archived as much as I could onto a blu-ray disc.  My games will be on this hard drive and in cold-storage.  In the unlikely event I could ever bring them back, I may be able to.

But, Cortex will it be, until there is no more Cortex, if that happens.

I really enjoyed OUYA. I enjoyed Forge TV too.

But I'm not a Triple-A kind of guy, and few to nobody wanted my form of indie. And the books just got ripped off.

So, I've deflated my ego, I'm accepting failure, and I have absolutely no clue what I'll do next --- especially as this computer science course I recently signed up for is no longer working.

No clue what to do next.  But it's actually good to get that ego deflated, and realize, and accept, failure.

At least I managed to bring my debt under control, with the help of the government. That's a good thing.

Thank you everyone for caring, because I realize if you read my blog, you care at least a bit.

So, I'll just stumble on my way, not sure what's next, but letting you know I'm not likely to release on another store, as I don't fit in well with those triple and double A titles.

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