Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Eat Carrots 1.1.0 Released.

Last night I managed to completely update "The Bananatree Brothers: Eat Carrots", so I submitted the update for review, and just moments ago the update was approved, and now I've published it.

In this update:

1) Fixed a bug.
2) New "first past the post" game mode, where the first player to reach a target score wins. No timer in this mode.
3) The Time Left (or score in FPTP mode) changes to yellow when a banana has been grown, and then changes back to purple when the banana is gone.

I also updated the copyright date, as well as removed "ONLY ON FORGE TV" from "other products" just in case Razer wants to re-release Cortex on a different platform.

So, I made this update because it was a strong idea in my mind yesterday morning to build. I still have no plans to put my games in any Double-A or Triple-A stores.

My ego is still pretty deflated, except yesterday someone who gave a TEDx talk recently decided to follow me on Twitter.

That might seem like a sign of success, except in her TED talk she talks about knowing when to kill a project, and I had just recently talked on my blog about my deflated ego and failure, saying I won't continue on a different game store.

So, it's bittersweet, being followed by a TEDx speaker feels like a big deal, but her talk just reminds me of how my project is dying, of my lack of success, because that's what she talks about.

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