Sunday, January 1, 2017

Deleted the last 2 posts

I deleted the last two posts I made, the end of year posts ---- they weren't extremely useful in their content I think.

I thought of so much to say in those posts, and it seemed so important to talk about --- but now it doesn't seem important to talk about.

Things on my mind in past few hours:

1) Starting to look forward to moving out. I was feeling a bit of a want to stay at home, but I'm also now looking forward to moving out.

2) It doesn't seem to matter what I do, if people just aren't going to pay me for my work --- then there's little to no point to continue making new content. I have most of a new book written already --- but if no one was going to pay me for my last 10 projects, then why would anyone pay me for this one?

3) If people did pay me for my work ---- I think it would be so nice if I could be paid on my end so I could find a new place to live and all that.

It's 4:59AM and I haven't slept all night, so apologies if this post seems to repeat old stuff, and seems mostly pointless.

I just like to talk about what's on my mind, and sometimes what's on my mind isn't very important - I know.

Better to write it on my blog than send too many emails to old friends.

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