Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Confused by Amazon Reviews for Forge TV

When I look at the bad press Forge TV has received on Amazon, like all the one star reviews ----

The reviews basically just say things like it was an unfinished product when initially released, that it doesn't have netflix and it doesn't have promised game streaming.

I know it wasn't totally complete at first --- but they've fixed that.

Netflix can be side-loaded. There are a zillion other video options including Kodi also available.

And I was just looking at Cortex ---- MOONLIGHT GAME STREAMING app is RIGHT THERE ranked in the TOP 4 on Cortex Trending Now.

I just kind of wonder if people are being unnecessarily vicious and unkind towards the forge tv.

People blasted it with 1 star reviews, but the game system is just fine as far as I'm concerned --- and it does have game streaming and netflix can apparently be sideloaded.

So what's the big problem then?

Nvidia's Shield has all kinds of wonderful good ratings, yet a review I read said the Shield lacked content.

While Forge TV is brimming with content, and the complaints about lack of game streaming were actually unfounded.

Know what's weird? I am just me, I am just one player on the Forge TV.

My favourite game on the Forge TV is Pfhonge. I usually have nobody to play with, so I will play Pfhonge by myself most commonly.

And yet Pfhonge is very low-ranked on Forge TV, generally.

The games that I don't even play rank higher.  There are lots of much higher ranked games, while the game I play is ranked very lowly.

According to the ranking system::: FORGE TV WAS ACTUALLY A HUGE SUCCESS.

I have no clue why so many 1 star reviews on Amazon.

As near as I can tell:::: The Forge TV is actually a HUGE success according to the rankings. I play what I play, and the rankings just tell me Forge is doing VERY WELL.

Yet so many 1 star reviews, and apparently they stopped building the 2016 edition.

Who knows.

Also:::: Though the Forge is doing so well, I also wonder about why I see such a lack of sales report, yet again.

My biggest suspicion is that my local government taxes me heavily, to pay back benefit money I've received. That's my biggest suspicion.

But, as is cliehe and can be expected, you can bet I would have liked to become rich from making games.

I'm not totally 100% sure what Cortex means to say by a lot of the rankings they show ------ I just know that with the actions I perform myself on the system, and then seeing the rankings, I know the system is actually QUITE SUCCESSFUL. Apparently.

So what's with all the 1 star reviews on amazon?

yeah confusing.

Why'd they stop making it if it's doing so well?  Why is it so hard for me to get paid?  Really have to wonder.

But yeah::: the complaints of many 1 star reviewers I believe were unfounded.

They complained about a lack of pc-to-forge game streaming, yet there's "moonlight game streaming" right there ranked in the top 4 on Cortex, so I'm not sure why the 1 star reviews.

Messed up.

But anyway.

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