Friday, January 13, 2017

Brother is doing better

I saw my brother today.  He seems to be doing better now. Even better than two weeks ago, and loads better than two months ago.

If he stabilizes, then my need to move out of my parents' house will be drastically reduced.

But, I'm just kind of thinking if me learning to drive a car would be a better allocation of resources than me moving out on my own.

Sorry to all you people in my family and at the hospital who had a bee in their bonnet that I needed to move out::: if my brother is stable, then my need to get out is heavily reduced, and there might be better options than me moving out.

I could move out, OR I could use the money I would've spent on rent to learn to drive and buy a car.

1) I will not learn to drive.
2) I will be spending money on rent instead of learning to drive.
3) I will be alone and lonely, and getting a ride places will be harder.
4) My brother will be alone, and if he goes ill again, he'll be out of luck.

1) I will learn to drive.
2) I will be spending money on a car, and learning to drive it, and I can stay at a house my family already owns for cheaper.
3) I will have social company in my family, and I will be able to drive myself places instead of pestering my Dad for a ride.
4) My brother will be with me when my parents die, so if he's ill again, I can more easily take him to the hospital.

To me, the obvious choice is for me to learn to drive and to stay at home.

Everyone seemed to start getting a bee in their bonnets that I needed to move out, but I think there's another option --- and my Dad realizes this too.

I only needed to move out for reasons of personal comfort --- not wanting to have to live with a disturbed individual who was not getting the right treatment.

He is now getting the right treatment, and I will be able to live with him again.

It makes more sense to distribute resources so I can drive a car, rather than distributing resources into wasted rent money.

I just hope everyone will learn this and realize it.

It does, seriously make more sense for me to drive than it does for me to move out.

If my parents really want me out, then I can leave ---- but last time I asked my Dad, he wasn't too certain I should leave in any time frame.

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