Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Being Paranoid and treatment from Youtube

So, trying to sell products, wanting to make enough money to buy a house or drive a car --- I become paranoid of why I'm not selling anything.

I could be paranoid that people don't like me personally, I could be paranoid that the world hates me, which they might, but I also get paranoid about my rankings and things.

SO:: I think something good that Youtube does for me, to help me cope with the lack of income, is show me a bunch of videos in my feed, like, kind of psycho-therapy telling me how bad materialism is, that I don't need a whole lot of money or material wealth in order to be happy.

Though up here in Canada it is very cold out and if I were to move out of my parents' house it would be nice to be able to afford my own place -----

Youtube reminds me of the benefits of a lifestyle where I can be happy with what I have, and that I don't need a tonne of material goods.

It's possible the world doesn't hate me, it's possible that they just can't afford to pay me for anything, with all the deep debt crisis, unemployment and the fact that 95% of money doesn't actually exist -----

So thank Youtube that they are reminding me of being happy with what I have. I guess. It does seem to work, watching a video about not spending lots, not having lots, and still being happy anyways.

When all my games seem to be in competition for last place in their genres on Cortex, I do wonder if everyone has decided to turn their backs on me ----- but there are so many free games on cortex that maybe my premium and freemium games just won't get the attention because people just won't spend the money for previously stated reasons.

So, I get paranoid, but Youtube helps me feel happy with what I have. Yay.

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