Friday, January 27, 2017

Already? I Paid $50 for that!

So, a few days ago, or maybe a week ago, I mentioned I was starting to take a new course online, involving computer science.

I paid about $50CAD to take this course.

I logged in today, to do my time of study today, and found that I wasn't able to access the course anymore.

Should this surprise me?

I paid $50CAD for access, and then I'm cut off in less than a week, and I'm not totally sure why.

My biggest suspicion is that there were elements of the course that were supposed to be released today, but I'm guessing the course instructor just stopped doing it because nobody paid him, except for me.

Or maybe I've been flagged as an "evil person" and now I'm not even allowed to have an online education --- but this seems way less likely.

So, all my life, things have been going on.

From misbehaved siblings, to school mates who try to hypnotise me to do really-really wrong things, to a church leader who is corrupt, to a government institution taking away my fundamental rights, to thousands of people who won't pay me the smallest amount of money for any work, and now this, I spend $50 to take a year-long course, and I can't even access it less than a week after getting started.


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