Wednesday, January 25, 2017

AiSH Benefit Day

So, my AiSH Benefit is coming soon, and just today my bank sent me an email to remind me that they'll let me have a special savings rate of over 3% on my money up to $500,000, while also reminding me that I can have a really low interest rate for my RSP Loan pre-approval which I last checked was up at $15,000 value.

To me, this seriously looks like my bank expects me to be rich.

And with all the charities who have come around asking for money, even one implicitly asking for $100,000, they obviously think I'm rich too.

If I had $100,000, I would have to pay Unity 3d. I would want to buy a place to live and a vehicle to drive.

Maybe I'm supposed to use my telepathy to figure out some secret of how to get paid or something. I can speculate for so long for why money doesn't appear in my reports or my accounts, but who knows --- maybe someone took offence at my work and maybe there's some kind of entanglement. Maybe.

I just remember that back when I tried to publish The Eagle's Sore as an Audio-Visual ebook on Youtube, that someone else put a copyright claim on MY book ----- so I took the AV Ebook down ----

so, in a world where fraudulent copyright claims happen, I can only imagine the kind of red tape my money might be tied up in with everything that has happened.

It's really disappointing that humanity can't just get it right the first time. Heck --- I'd have had nothing to write about if humanity had just been on its best behaviour all my life.

So, yeah, I'd like to get paid, I think my bank would like me to get paid, and nobody is telling me where to find my cheque or whatever the problem might be.  Maybe I'm just not reading enough spam email. Who knows.

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