Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Whole New Wondering

So, my bank's website just educated me that if a canadian business expects to make $30,000 in a year they should apply for a GST number.

Uh ------ I've always been doing my work as an individual? Do I count as a business if I'm just me?

Anyway, I've never made that much money in a year. Never. Not in my life. Not even with AiSH included.

But, with Cortex/OUYA saying that about 13% of my customers are Canadian ---

30,000/0.13 = ~230,000   --------------

Which means if I'm being held up by the canadian government about GST taxing, that means I made at least $230,000.

No such sales reported, so I don't know.

BUT ---- with the number 23 involved here, I again have to wonder if my sales report is a joke, as if it's just a big hint or something.

So first, I was all screwed up about having to get an american ITIN ---- and now I might need a GST number too?????

Ughhh ----- it's too bad my education on these matters hasn't been so developed over these years.

I've never had much in sales reported to me.

I've always wanted huge sales though.

If I had huge sales --- were they not reported because my taxing situation isn't right? I dunno.

I mean, I could easily have made a whole tonne of money off of OUYA --- just never saw the sales reported. So I've never had a clue about tax numbers. No idea.

Do you think that guy from "a [unspecified] financial institution" who wanted to talk about the markets might've held a clue for me? Hmmmm.  It's too bad I thought he was one of those binary trader guys.

SO:::: if, as I've often wondered, I actually made a huge pile of money ----- what's the likelihood the money wasn't reported because the government was annoyed I didn't have a GST Number?

If it is a hold up about GST Numbers ---- then that means I made at least $230,000 in a year. Huh.

No clue.

I've been speculating for so long, and it did occur to me the government might've had an issue with me, but I didn't know all this stuff about GST,

or I didn't suspect it, because I'm just working as an individual, and well, yeah, huh. Oops.

I might've screwed up then I guess.


I've just been looking at the Canada Revenue Agency's guidelines on what a small supplier is and when to register for a GST number ----

I don't have to register for a GST Number until I've made $30,000.

I've never made that kind of money in my life.

So, there's something else going on here. What could it be? Never had sales like that reported from anywhere.

In fact, at my whole time at OUYA, so far I've only earned less than $150 --- in all these years, I've never even been paid yet.

Something very weird going on --- especially when you count in that last year's return I made 7.77CAD off of my authorhouse books and my whole taxable income for that return was 23.01CAD.

Something very weird or messed up going on here. Not sure.

Surely, it was possible to make tonnes on OUYA and Forge.  But it was never reported to me.

And the money, last year's return, that was reported, looked kind of funny.  So weird.

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