Friday, December 30, 2016

Watching Eaglets Hatch

I turned on my Forge TV a moment ago, and in my video feed there was a livestream from CBC showing::: Nothing other than a bald eagle hatching her eaglets.

OK -- by the time I tuned in, I think all the action was already over --- but just very interesting when my book is The Eagle's Sore, that Eaglets feature as a noun in the book,

and CBC is showing me this video on the system I develop for. Huh.

What does it all mean????

And then I logged into the Cortex Store and found TADA! ANOTHER free premium video game for me!! Yay!

1) I wonder if Cortex is actually paying me in free video games, until I have enough to own all the entitlements, and only after I own the whole library are they going to pay me eventually? dunno. Just speculation.

2) Because I have the full download of The Bard's Tale installed and I don't have the attention span to fully play through that game at this point, my 12Gb (yes, only 12Gb apparently) of storage on my forge isn't enough enough to hold all the games I want, and have gotten for free. Maybe usb storage is an option though I haven't tried it on here yet --- but yeah, the USB port can be used for the controller - which is sometimes necessary - and for plugging into my computer. And if I need it for USB storage too, who knows.


There's all kinds of fun to be had on the Forge TV --- the biggest issue with myself is lack of attention span. There are big premium games that have storylines and everything, but I often prefer games I can quickly play without having to think too hard ---- Though I'm sure I have a great attention span, it has deteriorated since my childhood I think.

So yeah. I wrote The Eagle's Sore. 2.6 million price tag on Youtube told me I am in the 10% economically even though I only make less than 20k a year, and now CBC has shown me a video on my forge of an eagle hatching eaglets.

OH ----- and last night I was feeling kind of hopeless, like I have nothing to look forward to in life ------ but my Mom said "I'm sure everything will turn out just fine".

For what my Mom has said to be true::: My business must become successful, like, earning more than just 1 or 2 dollars a month.

My mom has predicted the future, that everything will turn out fine, so we'll see if my business ever gets anywhere.

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