Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Unsettling Voice Message

Moments ago my phone told me I've received a new voice message. No ringer. Just a message.

I listened to the message:

It sounded like something was moving really-really fast. Like, maybe the caller was in a car or a train that was moving really-really fast.

After a little while of that sound, he said "Hello, Kristian? ---------- Kristian?--------- Kristian?". Hung up after a little bit.

The best explanation I can think of for where a voice message would come from where I don't even hear the phone ring, is if you are a caller who is, in any opinion, considered questionable in terms of, let's say, legitimacy.

Basically:: I used a handy little app on my phone to block all kinds of questionable callers.

Obviously they know who I am and how to contact me.

But I've known this for a while now::: for along time I've been receiving text messages with plots and plans of these people saying they want to help me become very-very rich.

I suppose it's nice that someone would care enough about me to offer another way to become rich ----

But we live in a world of "buyer beware", where so many people can't really be trusted, and that feeling just sinks in that the offer may be too good to be true.

Thanks for thinking about letting me be wealthy, if you want to help, I take paypal or bitcoin donations.

But if this involves me putting money in first, not really interested::: I've already had so much bad experience with one problem after another.

Just can't trust people it seems. And if your call went straight to voice mail on my phone --- then chances are people don't trust you. Hah.

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