Monday, December 26, 2016

Trying to Deduce

So, I've been sitting here.

A few hours ago I wrote an email to my old psychiatric nurse about my problems about what's been going on here, you know hundreds of people want a free book, only one person purchases, like ---- if everyone wants it and it's so cheap - why not just buy it? Hundreds of people sign up for the giveaway yet only one person actually purchased a copy.

Something is wrong.

So I've been sitting here, thinking about stuff that's gone on.

I've figured out that I don't quite know what's been going on, but I don't have to necessarily blame a publisher, there are other options.

Like, in the past year I ordered some Bitcoin Mining ASICs from TWO different locations. Neither of them arrived.

So, at that point, I might wonder if a cheque was mailed to me, but it never arrived either --- I know I might risk reprisal from the post office for saying that, but hey, I had two items ordered, both never arrived, so maybe there was a cheque that never arrived either.

I know that my bank offered me a special non-public savings rate up to $500,000.

I know that I had a phonecall from another financial institution to discuss something about that account with me.

I know I had a phonecall from "a [unspecified] financial institution" to discuss the markets with me, and I found that a little suspicious.

If is putting a 2.6 million price tag on my book, then that might explain why I'm having these things going on.

I don't know exactly who is trying to fuck me over, but it definitely seems like SOMEONE out there has a problem. I have no clue where to point any fingers though.

And google puts me in the top 10%, which is really strange when I make less than 20k a year.

I mean, with all the millionaires and billionaires, me with my puny 20k a year somehow ended up right in that top 10% bracket ---- yeah whatever.

So, the banks were checking me out. Two packages from ebay never arrived. Amazon and google seem to think I might be worth something, along with my bank maybe.

I do need to buy a house. I'm being told that I really should get moving out, and it's gonna be real tough on less than 20k a year, so if I'm actually richer than that, I'd like to have the money, so I can buy a place.

Please forgive me for being a bit asocial, I try to be a nice good person ------ but I'm of the opinion that certain four letter words are actually generally acceptable in most contexts, so I might "offend" some people (like my dad), but certain four letter words can just be used for effect to get a point across I think. Just my opinion.

So yeah, I had hundreds of people sign up for a giveaway, they all wanted a free copy of my book ---- and only one person actually paid for the book, as was reported to me.

Something is so wrong with that. Either society is unable to afford very small prices, or something else is wrong. Yeah.

I'm not blaming or accusing anyone, I just have a general idea that "it's a conspiracy!" or something. No idea who though. No idea exactly what.

Just stuff that goes on.

Now where'd I put my tinfoil hat? ;)

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