Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Mormon Church DOESN'T CARE

After being given a patriarchal blessing by an LDS/Mormon Patriarch that said I'd be a travelling preacher to the nations, you'd think the church would've cared about me a bit more.

What did the church do when I was being told I was crazy for believing in miracles? Nothing! They couldn't or wouldn't defend my belief. They just let me be depicted as schizophrenic --- they even upheld that I was schizophrenic ---- on one hand the church has told me I'll be a travelling preacher who'll work miracles, but then they decide to just go with the "schizophrenic" label --- as if that was ever going to make sense for them to have me as a travelling preacher.

When presented with defamatory comments about me by another church member -- the church just accepted it as fact and couldn't be bothered to question the validity of the statements --- even though I had absolute proof the statements were false --- the church didn't care.

And if I ever seemed evil towards the Mormons, if I ever seemed to become a bit persecutory towards them ---- if I cursed them, they were supposed to bless me (according to their own supreme leader, Jesus), if I ever persecuted them, they were supposed to do good to me (according to their own supreme leader, Jesus) ----

I mean, you'd think that if I was the prodigal son or the lost sheep, that the church would want me to come back and celebrate me for it ----- but do they? Not really.

ONLY ONE member of the Mormon church has done anything to express much care about me -- and she was a child in a member family that actually helped convert my family to the church.

I mean, it took her a few years to finally come along and see what I was doing ---- but she was like, the ONLY member of the church who seemed to care at all -------- Most of the church doesn't actually give any number of whoots about me, they prefer their travelling preacher to be considered schizophrenic, they prefer to believe in defamation against him, and they don't care to welcome him back.

I mean, if the church really wanted me back --- then they would HAVE to buy and read my books, to see what I already know and think ---- BUT THEY DON'T.

I mean, even if I said anything evil about or towards them in my book ----- according to their leader Jesus Christ, they are supposed to bless me and do good to me for the evil I might have done to them----- BUT THEY DON'T CARE.

They didn't care if I supported them. They didn't care if I bring them down.

You'd think that if they really wanted me to be a travelling preacher to the nations that they would provide me with more economic support - don't you think? And what better way to provide economic support to someone than SUPPORTING THEIR BUSINESS.

I mean, seriously ---- I need like so much economic success before I can travel and preach for the church ------- but they honestly don't even bother to support my business.

If I'm a miracle worker, then they don't defend me against the label of "schizophrenic".

If I'm evil towards them, they don't bother to actually obey Jesus and do me some good.

They wanted me to be a travelling preacher, but then they wouldn't be bothered to support me in my business.

What am I supposed to think?

My Mom sums if up this way::: The members of the church just have different tastes in books and other entertainment.

But if this church really was so bloody freakin' "spend two years of my life dedicated to this organization" important to them, you'd think they'd support my business and give me some financial success so that I could actually DO what they said I should do.

But they don't.

Basically, the church makes it seem so friggin' important to do all kinds of stuff ---- but then they just don't seem to care about me at all. They want me to be their travelling preacher ---- but then they just accept that I'm schizophrenic and they don't do me any good one way or another.

I mean, I think last year they invited me to their christmas party, but even if I went to their christmas party, do you think they were going to buy and read my books? Probably not.

My mom basically made an excuse that different people are just interested in different things than what I produced:::

but seriously, if the church really cared about me enough to make me be their travelling preacher, you'd think they'd actually be buying my products. But they don't.

Even if I seemed a little evil towards the church at this point or that point, they should still be doing good for me, but they don't. They don't even follow that simple commandment by Jesus.

They wanted me to be a miracle worked and a travelling preacher, but they don't care that I was labelled 'schizophrenic' and forced on drugs, they wouldn't bother to lift a finger to defend the beliefs they gave me.

They just don't care. It's like they are completely apathetic.

Why should I bother being involved with them after this? There seems to be very little to no point.

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