Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Realizing Something is Wrong

Today I met again with a doctor and nurse in the psychiatric hospital.

In reference to me getting housing, or even a mortgage, the nurse said I SHOULD have an RSP (Retirement Savings Plan in Canada) ---- but my Dad and I realize that an RSP -- which defers taxes -- is useless for me because I typically don't pay tax on my income.

But realizing how the nurse said RSPs are so freakin' wonderful and how i should have one ----

I then realized something moments ago::::

If the government really was taxing me 99%, then yeah, I should have an RRSP to have some of those taxes deferred and to save up for old age ----

So, basically, if the government is taxing me 99% -- then they are being REALLY "DICKISH" by taking my money without telling me how much I earn, making me incapable of deferring taxes and saving for old age.

Would the government really do that to me? Make me lose out on retirement savings because they don't want to let me know how much I earn???

Chances are, the government WOULDN'T actually do that.

So:::: Either people just don't pay for anything,

or worse.

When someone recently bought coconuts versus bananas, it shot up to 617 on the O-Rank.

One sale put that game at 617.

So how did Doorless Darts get to better than 100 with only one sale?

And why is Air Defence, a game that gives me a $9.99 donation when purchased, why is this game at 541 on the O-Rank and outranking CvB which is the only game I've actually sold in the past month??

One game sells, and then another game ranks higher than the game that sold WITH NO SALE REPORTED.

What the heck?  How the heck does the O-Rank work anyway? You'd think games would rank higher when they sell --- if games that sell rank lower than games that don't sell -- WHAT THE HECK?????

Either the average joe in our western society treats me like crap by not buying anything from me ----

Or, and this is quite possible, and highly hoped against, something just isn't right with the publisher's ranking system, something seems dishonest.

Actually, to be completely serious ---- in some ways I know OUYA/Cortex doesn't report perfectly, I KNOW THIS from experience,

and I also had one experience where I forced authorhouse to admit that they didn't pay me for a book that I bought from myself -----

So knowing from personal friendships that OUYA has problems reporting, and knowing that I once caught AuthorHouse not reporting -----

I can't help but really wonder if something is really wrong. I HATE to make accusations,

but the O-Rank is telling me that a game that received a 2/10 rating from OUYA Forum and hasn't sold any copies for a long time is ranking higher than my other really fun game that DID sell a copy.

Something just isn't right. Either society, or someone at these companies -- is doing me wrong.

Either society just won't pay me the smallest price for any effort, regardless of all I give for free, which makes society friggin' awful,

Or someone at these companies I publish through has made a mistake.

And I don't want to accuse, but this is the way I'm seeing it now.

Sometimes bookstores on the Amazon Marketplace will keep an even number of my books in stock, like 10 of each book in stock.  Well, for some reason one of my books has less than 10 copies in stock, while the other books all have 10, and nothing has been reported. And this has happened before, and I really have to wonder.

It's absolutely sick that people behave this way. I don't want to accuse anyone --- but with the evidence presented to me, What am I supposed to think?

And this comes with the big reveal from a psychiatric nurse that if the government is taxing me 99%, that I should have a tax-deferred retirement account at that point.

Bloody heck.


After publishing this post, as if telepathically, my mind was filled with choruses of "YOU HAVE TO FORGIVE" ---- just mimicking and repeating D&C 64 from the LDS Mormon Church where we are required to forgive all men.

What is forgiveness anyway?

1) My mom screamed at me like a rabid demon possessed person simply because I played a video game on Sunday when I was 16 or 17 years old.

2) The Liability parents screamed at me like a rabidly demonically possessed individual simply because I was friends with their daughter.

3) The church penailzed me for confessing to masturbation.

4) The church was going to lay charges against me for what I did to their car until they decided their travelling preacher was actually schizophrenic.

Basically, with all the threats the church makes saying "YOU ARE REQUIRED TO FORGIVE" ----

Well, with all the times the church treated me like the list above ---- that requirement to forgive obviously doesn't mean very much.

Just today I was telling me Dad about how weird it is that a church that says they forgive all men would then start punishing people for things that aren't even wrong.

The church can F*** off now.

And it's just too bad that my mom and sisters don't seem to realize how wrong their church is.

It's like I'm seriously being held back by some magic force in my life at this point. Who knows if I've been cursed.

But yeah ---- the LDS church says they forgive all men, but then they criticize and condemn people for playing with cards, drinking coffee, and a zillion other things they think are so bloody wrong that actually aren't.

The WHOLE POINT of The Eagle's Sore is just to show people how STUPID that forgiveness policy really is. That was the whole point.

I do understand a value to forgiveness --- but the Requirement to forgive can fuck off.

So yeah, something is serioiusly wrong every step of the way through my life it seems ---- and one of the problems is the females in my family just CAN'T seem to figure out how wrong their beliefs are. it's like they aren't thinking or are hiding their heads in the sand or something.

It's pretty dumb at this point.

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