Saturday, December 3, 2016


In a recent newsletter from Plan Canada I received recently, they said one or two of the places they've been charitably helping don't need their help anymore - the situation at those locations has improved.

And then, I am also realizing that my parents DO want me to move out at some point, and I NEED to make as much money as possible, so donating to charity and low-return ethical investing might not work so well.


My brother is away from home right now, so it feels totally safe to stay living with my parents --- but if things go wrong again, then I'll be wanting to get out pronto most likely.

It's just too bad that where I end up in my future housing pretty much entirely depends on the mercies of the local social welfare system.

Really::: beggars can't be choosers, so because I never really got paid much for my books and haven't been paid for my video games ---- I can't really make much personal choice about where I'm going to live, unless I stay at home and in the vicinity of a potentially crazy family member.

So::: there you go::: I could stay at home, invest ethically and charitably ---- but my parents will eventually want me out and I don't like being around a crazy brother ----

so I should save up as much as possible and make profitable investments to help,

and in the end, since people decided to not pay me for my work ---- I don't really have much choice in where I'll end up living anyway. Huh.

For the longest time I was planning that I would just live with my brother, either we'd stay at home and live together at home or we'd move out together --- that we'd be each other's support ---- but now that I've seen what he's like when he's not taking the right meds, now that I am reminded of how bad his problems are ------ I can't do it with my brother anymore. I need to be more independent, but I don't get much choice and, yeah, people just didn't pay me.


I might be able to stay with my parents for a few more years---- and when I move out, I don't suspect I'll have much choice about where I end up.

So it's really just too bad.

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