Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Interest versus Lack of Reporting

In my last post I complained about how the LDS Mormon church doesn't appear to care about what I said in my books --- I say this because of the complete dearth of sales reports.

But this morning I was looking at Amazon.ca and again, I realized that my sales might not be so reported and my earnings might get diverted.

What is my evidence?

If nobody was buying this book, why would they have any copies in stock? What the heck?

2) The Book of Finch FIRST EDITION selling for over $1100 now.
If nobody was interested in my books, who in their right mind would try to sell first edition for that much??

3) There is some, it seems like, evidence that The Book of Finch sells sometimes --- I've noticed this repeatedly in different places over time ----

So yeah ---- Maybe people are interested in my work, and therefore it's wrong for me to complain about people not taking interest ----

But considering all the money I spent to publish and advertise my books (A LOT OF MONEY), it's a bit disappointing that I'm always facing completely empty sales reports.

What the heck is the problem here????? Does the government take or withhold my earnings? Which government?

I mean, considering all the money the government has pumped into me to keep me going, it wouldn't be a huge surprise if the government had me at a 99% tax rate ---

And though I am happy to share with my fellow man on so many occasions, it's just so disheartening for me to see no sales reports.

Especially when I would LOVE to buy a place for me to live, but it's beyond my reach likely for years.

Part of the fun of writing books and video games is just seeing sales reported --- but that fun has largely eluded me.

It's disheartening.

Though I could publish another book, why would I if I don't think I'm being dealt with honestly?  If I can't expect any gain from my effort --- why bother again?

So basically:::: I see hints and evidences that my sales in reality are far higher in number than the sales that actually get reported to me (often, nothing).

It might be for a realistic reason, like the government,

but it's entirely disheartening, and with the dishonesty it's hard to want to continue.

I spent at least a few thousand dollars on these projects ---- it's really too bad I'm not seeing the payout.


I might as well also mention that I am well aware that when I give books away freely that there will be hordes of downloads. That just doesn't translate into sales of anything.

I am also aware that, supposedly, certain pirating sites illegally distributed thousands of my books.

I don't truly know exactly what's going on anywhere ----- but it's just really disheartening when people aren't being honest with me, when, apparently, the majority of people don't care about compensating me the smallest amount of money.

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