Thursday, December 15, 2016

In Reference to Yesterday's Post

In yesterday's post I said I was getting these text messages telling me about these things I could do to get rich.

Today I got another text message, and this one explained to me that they send me these messages because I was actually REFERRED to their service by a friend.

I am a man of very few friends.

Today's text message came from the area code of Palm Beach Florida.

Though there is some small possibility that this was a reference to maybe a Mormon friend I have or had who I'm still on pretty good terms with ----

It seems that chances are the highest that this friend may have been Avril Lavigne. She called me a while back --- she knew this phone number.

Yeah, it just seems most likely to be from Avril.  Who else? Some small possibility someone from church ---- but I'm not so sure about that.

Actually, I looked at today and saw two things::: they've kind of messed up their paypal donations contact, so it's harder for me to donate now ---- but they've also added a "Join" option on their website where you can apparently JOIN the Avril Lavigne Foundation. Weird.

But despite there being some possibility that these get-rich offers may have originated from Avril, I think I will remain slow on the uptake, very cautious and reserved.

Can never be too sure, or too careful.

But in all seriousness, I am remembering right at the beginning of receiving these texts and immediately suspecting it may have been from Avril --- the day before I had sent her an email, I think the email said it was way too hard to make money trying to sell things, so I think my mind suspected it was her who signed me up for this get-rich stuff because she wanted to help me.

So ---- I suspected it at the beginning of these text messages for a reason, and now the text messages have confirmed they are referrals from a friend.

Yeah. Hmmm.

I'm just thinking I'd have to be incredibly brave (or stupid, maybe) to take up these offers --- just never really too sure what to think.

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