Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Feeling Better in my Heart

I was about to sit here alone, about to start a pity party, or a session of depression, thinking about all the disappointments I've experienced over the years, starting to wonder if people don't care about me, or don't value me, thinking about all kinds of hurt I've experienced.

But then I realized:: I get a disability benefit, I got Avril Lavigne befriending me (or attempting to), I got an increaase to that disability benefit --- I even got a pretty decent cheap education ----

And I realized -- THE WORLD DOES CARE!!!  Or at least, Canadian/Albertan society has cared for me.

And as I sat here thinking about how much people have cared for me, the good my society has brought me --- I started feeling considerably better in my heart.

Rather than focusing on all the negatives, I began to focus on all the good things, I focused on all the help and care and support I've received ----- and I physically started to feel better, happier in my heart.

So, I guess that might be good for a Christmas message::: think about all the good things, think about all the people who were kind and who cared ----- Just thinking about things like this brought warm feelings to my heart.

Be optimistic.

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