Monday, December 26, 2016

Coming down after the high

So, for Christmas I tried to appreciate all the care my people have shown me over the years, and that let me feel good.

And as a gift, my Dad is helping me transition from instant coffee to more traditional coffee brewed at home.

After my first cup of home brewed traditional coffee, I could say I felt like I was a God ---

and now I think I'm coming down off of that high. Here's why:::

I started feeling a little bit bad about my brother's condition and wondering if I shouldn't be saying anything about it at all. Yesterday's story is true, but is it wrong for me to tell it?

And then I started feeling bad about all the whining and complaining I do about my lack of sales ---- at least Author Solutions sent me another message before Christmas, so I don't think I'm quite in their bad books if they are still talking to me, which is good ------

But I've learned from Youtube that lots of people can't handle their personal finances very well, and that there are massive debt problems in our society ------ and knowing this is also a little depressing for me.

And though further away, though we are aware, there's been all kinds of poverty for other people out there in the world.

I was on a bit of a high, but now I'm feeling just a bit down about stuff like this.

If I felt like God ---- you know what an atheist would say? That GOD should do more to solve all these problems.

As that anti-materialism video said::: if I was watching that video then I'm in the top 10% economically.

I'm a little puzzled if that's true, but if it is true, then that means the vast majority of the world has serious, serious problems.

I know I'm kind of wealthy, but if I'm in the top 10% that doesn't say anything great about the condition of the lower 90%.  Very sad.  So depressing.

Considering that the USA is 5% of the world's population, that might explain how I got into the top 10%, but I can't really know for certain how that was determined.

I've known despair all too well through my life, I want to think and concentrate on good and positive things, hoping for a good and positive effect,

but even so, just coming down off my Christmas high.

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