Sunday, December 25, 2016

Brother's Home for Christmas

My talk recently of the big push to move me out of my parents' house started when I wanted to move out because I couldn't handle being around my older brother, who also lives at home.

For the past year, my brother was undergoing different medication changes, and the whole thing was a flop, essentially, and he was, well, very very insane during that time, and I couldn't handle being around it so I really started wanting to move out.

Well, several weeks ago, my parents took my brother to the hospital, where he has been "living", getting treatment.

He's on his original old medication again ---- and it turns out, this is the stuff that helps him think, without this one special medication he's hopelessly lost in insanity. Worse insanity than my own.

There were a lot of really strange things about his behaviour before he went into hospital, but I think I will say the one that really gets me wondering here:

His cineplex scene card and his credit card somehow got cut in half. As far as anyone knows, only my brother in his own insanity would have done that. Yet, in hospital, and now that he's out of hospital -- he had no idea what happened to his credit card. In hospital he would ask for his credit card, like it was really important, and my dad found it, cut up.

And now that he's back for a day pass this christmas day, he is surprised to find that his cards were cut up.

No one really knows how they got cut up, but all the rest of us suspect he did it to himself in his insanity. And he completely forgot that he did it. And really makes no sense at all to cut up the scene card.

So, I should respect my brother's privacy --- but yeah, the whole push for me to move out started because I couldn't handle being around him when he's not well.

And on this one chemical he takes, he gets a LOT better.

It feels kind of too bad that I'm now set on a course to move out now that he's recovering, but hey, we'll see if this 2.6 million price tag at means anything.

In the past year, I know my mom received a letter from some charity that implicitly asked her for $100,000. That was really strange, because we'd have to sell our house to have that kind of money --- just really weird.

Yeah, in one anti-materialism youtube video I watched recently the video creator told me that "if you are watching this video, chances are you are in the top 10% of the world economically".

That's a really striking thing to say, considering I only recently subdued my massive credit card debt, and buying a new iMac would lower my net worth considerably.

So, hopefully this 2.6 million price tag is good news, although it is kind of puzzling and I just have to wonder.

Thanks everyone.

Merry Christmas!

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