Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Am I Schizophreniform or Schizoaffective?

When first taken to the psychiatric doctors, I was diagnosed with schizophrenia --- and that label seems to have pretty much stuck in my life.

But in 2010 when I completely exposed my LDS/Mormon patriarchal blessing to the doctors and nurses, it was only logical to understand that rather than being completely insane in and of my self, that I was actually RAISED by completely insane people and was told to believe in them by my own parents.

At that point, the doctors finally decided to downgrade my diagnosis to "schizphreniform", and though that was the new diagnosis ---- the label of schizophrenia seemed to be what stuck in the minds of most people.

But, my mental problems have been way more than just delusions and hallucinations and bad thinking problems ------

in the beginning, without the HDBTP (Hallucinations, Delusions and Bad Thinking Problems) you might've diagnosed me with major depressive disorder or bipolar or somesuch.

Basically::: I have moments when I'm feeling extremely high, and moments when I'm feeling extremely low.

This, combined with HDBTP, likely actually makes me SCHIZOAFFECTIVE --- which is even rarer than schizophrenia.

Whatever ---- the drug I takes treats both schizophrenia and schizoaffective, so now I will talk about some of my thoughts during these highs and lows:::

After a short time of drinking filtered coffee, I've noticed my coffee brand that my Dad gave me for christmas, Melitta, actually seems to help me feel good.

The instant coffee I had been drinking before kept me regular, tasted different, and has way less caffeine in it I think.

Melitta has a nice taste, wakes me right up just like English Breakfast Tea, and I think I can observe that I actually FEEL better emotionally when and after drinking it.

So, I guess I'll end this blog post by saying that coffee and tea are pretty much gifts from God like Manna from heaven,

So it's really stupifying to see how Mormons think they are somehow better people for not consuming these substances.

I was always told for so long that coffee and tea were bad and evil and whatever -- do not drink. It actually created a sense of moral superiority in me for not drinking them --- which is actually one of the stupidest delusions I think I've ever had.

I love Cofffee. I love Tea. They are awesome drinks, and though maybe it is better not to drink these as a child, when you become older try them out, they are AWESOME.

Who knows??? Maybe the LDS/Mormon church banned these drinks BECAUSE they are awesome, as if the church has just been joking all along.

Which is the other thing:::: Though seriously awful to deal with, I have to wonder if the creators of Mormonism created the religion as a JOKE rather than even trying to be serious.

If Joseph Smith knew he was just making it up ---- it only makes sense that he's going to laugh his ass off about it afterwards, and make the whole religion as a joke.

It kind of makes sense.

And some Mormon people might have a problem with me saying that, but when I look at everything I know about this religion, it does kind of seem to me like one big joke.

So::::: I may actually be schizoaffective when I diagnose myself,
Coffee and tea are wonderful drinks that seems to help me feel good,
and Mormonism may have been joking when they banned these wonderful drinks.

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