Monday, December 12, 2016

A New Account at ALC

In my last post I said it was suggested I could write another book, and I figured I might, or maybe could.

This morning I checked my email and found that the Author Learning Centre (a website that is part of the Author Solutions banner, where I originally was put on the mailing list by using AuthorHouse) --- has given me some kind of new account that I can actually use, apparently without having to pay, I think?

So weird. You used to have to pay for this website. Now I've magically got some kind of new account that I didn't have to pay for? Not sure.

It's kind of like how, somehow, when I originally used Mixamo for my games I was able to get some freebies from the site but most of their availables had to be paid for ---- but in later usage of that site, everything suddenly became free for me --- never seeing a price tag again.

This kind of thing really makes a guy wonder. Am I actually so profitable that services I use or would use for my businesses somehow get bought and paid for without me touching the money?

I have to wonder what really goes on. From what I'm told on my computer, I am very unsuccessful ---- but the websites that tell me this have enough obvious errors in them appear over time you can't help but wonder what the actual truth is.

I mean, you buy a game and it goes up to 600 on the O-Rank --- yet your own game was ranked better than 100 with only 1 sale.   Things like that make you wonder what actually goes on.

I'm actually guessing that the GOVERNMENT is managing my earnings for me.


As for government, and my Dad with his new shiny Certificate of Merit from the Conservative Party, it's weird how the other day I was talking to him about how Pure Capitalism wouldn't work and how Pure Socialism wouldn't work, but then he decided to argue for the socialists saying:

"Actually, pure socialism WOULD work --- the problem is some people just get greedy".

As my Dad enters his old age, and socialist parties value the elderly more, he's suddenly argued in favour of economic equality.

He's often very conservative thinking, but in this one recent episode he suddenly became a socialist. Wow.


I can often think of so much to say, but right now I'm almost blank.

But did think of this much to tell you:::: For so long I've been treated like I'm so insane, I have been called COMPLETELY CRAZY -----

the problem with that statement is that if I'm 100% crazy, then that means my older brother is 200% crazy, and that doesn't make sense.

It just makes me wonder if people confuse me with my brother. You know, they may hear that my brother is crazy, and then when they encounter me, they think I'm my brother.

Because to be completely honest::: if you think I'm completely crazy, you obviously don't have any idea what "completely crazy" actually is.

I'm a lot saner than a lot of people would seem to believe ---- if you want someone who went completely out of their mind, your more likely to find such a case in my brother.

If you were to compare my symptoms with my brother's symptoms, you'd find that my symptoms are actually comparatively mild ---- the biggest problem people experienced with me is that I went all angry because of the shit hand I was dealt in life ------

My brother is worse than that. He might not be all angry all the time like I was ----- but my brain functions quite a bit better than his actually.

Just sayin' ---- people who say I'm completely insane don't know what "completely insane" is. They really don't.

Just makes me wonder if people confuse me with my brother.

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