Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Man and his Guardians

Strange experience today.

Someone came to our door this morning - my Dad answered.

The man at the door started asking of we've received some kind of energy rebate I think was worth $50.

Immediately, this seems like a messed up situation because it wasn't too long ago when the Provincial government announced that door-to-door energy salesmen were no longer legal.

He didn't quite seem to be a salesman - but it was energy related, it was at our door, but it was about some kind of energy rebate.

It got stranger when he pointed out that he had three (3) body guards with him, who were standing on our front walkway.

When my Dad told him that we had to leave soon, he asked when he could come back to discuss it some more --- WTF????

I am just wondering ---- who goes around with three body guards to discuss energy rebates, and then will even take the time to come back and discuss it later?

Something is SERIOUSLY WEIRD about that.

Was it organized crime?
Was it a rock back or musical group?
Was it Jesus and his guardian angels?

I mean - what the heck??? It doesn't seriously make sense to me that this would happen - yet it did --- it doesn't pan out or seem totally logical in any way.

MAYBE it had something to do with green energy --- but it's still seriously weird because door-to-door energy salesmen are ILLEGAL now, where I am.

Just the strangest thing ever.


But another one of those really weird moments I had in the past months::: when "Avril Lavigne" gave me my psychiatric injection some weeks ago ----- turned out that was a body double---- there's a nurse who works at that hospital who just appears to look considerably like Avril Lavigne. It's not Avril though. This is simply of interest now because that injection took place just days after Halloween.


But yeah --- the situation we faced today didn't make a whole lot of sense. Who the heck has 4 people running around talking about $50 rebates and they'll come back later because somehow that's somehow important and worthwhile to do with 4 people?

The heck?

I'd sit there seriously thinking about how "Jesus-y" the experience was --- but yeah, who wanders around in groups of 4? Like, a musical group maybe? No idea.

UPDATE::::: 11:19PM

I just realized something. There were 4 of them and my Dad.

Maybe they were energy salesmen --- but if they were confronted legally about it --- at that point they might try to claim "Freedom to peacefully assemble", as it's mentioned in the constitution if I remember correctly.

To be honest --- that's a very interesting tactic, because the constitution, if a judge agrees, could make that kind of behaviour legal.

But let us never forget to around the turn of the millenium when us high school students were being told by our teachers that the government of alberta made it illegal for the teachers to peacefully assemble in larger than small meetings ---- I'm guessing the notwithstanding clause may have been used. Not sure. Can't totally remember. I just remember one of the teachers (I kind of remember) telling us such a thing.

So yeah. Door-to-door energy salesmen are illegal, but in groups of 4 they might call down their constitutional right to assemble as such. Very interesting.

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