Friday, December 23, 2016

$2.6 million? Seriously?

Maybe the bookstores are now punishing me, or whatever, because availability of The Book of Finch appears to be limited on

But what's really interesting is this:::

I looked at this evening, seeing my books, and I saw that someone is trying to sell a copy of The Eagle's Sore for 2.6 million CAD.

Now I really have no idea what to think.

The price of first edition book of finch is rocketing past $2000, and The Eagle's Sore is apparently at 2.6 million.


That is an actual screenshot from my iPad.

I wonder if the internet is being hidden from me, if I don't receive fan mail and stuff like that. I don't know.

With how unpopular I feel often times, I really have to wonder about this now. 2.6 million for The Eagle's Sore huh? Wow. I'm in awe.  Not quite sure how that is though.

It all feels so disastrous, making no money, trying not to blame or accuse, seeing my books fail, and wondering how this $2.6 million price tag came up.


In other news, I've discovered the joys of WINE (wine is not an emulator) on gnu/linux on my edubuntu machine.  Installed some old games from the 90s and had a blast. Loving memories of my childhood.  Thanks gnu/linux and wine developers for letting the memories replay.

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