Thursday, November 17, 2016

Wondering if I should feel guilty

A week or two ago I got a phonecall from "A Financial Institution" (unspecified) and the caller wanted to "talk about the markets".

I immediately suspected it was those binary options guys, so I shutdown the phonecall quickly.

But now I'm realizing::: what if it was that company with a Federal Profile that called me and missed me one evening, and their business involves "market analysis" and "data collection"?


I am introverted, and I may be somewhat "asocial" ---- so it's no wonder I felt uncomfortable receiving this phonecall.....

but what if it was important?? OMG.  Accck.

I might have just shot myself in the foot (so to speak). I don't know.

I do wish I knew why it is so hard for me to make money --- did this man have answers???


Well, I looked on the Google Play Store on Forge and saw that it does have KODI (XBMC), it has "Archos", it has Plex ---- the only thing it  doesn't have is netflix, and I hear there's a way to get that installed too.

I'm a little said that so many people reviewed the Forge so poorly on amazon, basically just because it doesn't have netflix.  That is a real poor reason for all those 1 star reviews. The machine runs mostly just fine, it works well enough ---- it's like Razer is just being builied by a posse of people who will harshly criticize the system for any failing.


Kind of like how my life's true story was harshly criticized essentially because it was a true story. People just didn't like what happened -- even though it was true.


Just wish I could sell product and make money. It feel sad that it's so hard for me to earn. it's like something is always going wrong.

And maybe that phonecall had answers. Or maybe not. Now, I might never know.

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