Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Trying Something New

Last night I watched a TED Talk where a psychologist said you should expect the things you want, and that way you are more likely to achieve them.

So I started expecting to get paid for my work. I expect it. I expect people will pay me honestly.

So far, it seems to have only partially worked::

I logged into my OUYA/Cortex Dev portal today and found that 16 games had been downloaded today ---- Usually my reports from Cortex dev portal are not so active and may even be a little sketchy ---

So good:: 16 games Downloaded.

10 of the games downloaded were PAY-UP-FRONT games ---- which should have totalled to $15 of sales for me.

So:: Some expectation came true --- maybe I should expect proper reporting as well.

I was previously told that Cortex or OUYA might give away some free copies of my games to the press ---- well, I see a lot more free games being given away than games I'm being paid for --- Is the press really that cheap????

Anyway ---- So however this works, I started expecting to be paid last night, and now today I see 16 game downloads which should have been worth at least $15 ----- Now I have to expect a proper royalty report too I guess.

So, something is going on, and again, I can think of possible reasons why it's so hard to get paid --- but maybe I'll just try this psychologist's trick of expecting payment and expecting proper reporting.

I expect it.

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