Friday, November 4, 2016

The Bankers' Interest

So, in the past year I've received two offers from my bank for special-rate savings accounts not offered publicly up to $500,000 --- as if I had that kind of money.

Then just a day or two ago the CEO of the bank I bank at sent me an email giving me a free financial planning ebook. "The Wealthy Barber Returns" --- it's a real page turner, I'm already about half a way through it.

But then this past evening a survey from my brokerage phoned up as if they were suddenly really interested too ----

I'm kind of wondering how the survey from my brokerage already didn't know a lot of the answers to my questions ---- but yeah, they actually wondered how many banks I have bank accounts at. I mean seriously --- that's a question you ask RICH people.

I am kind of rich, but I'm not that rich. I know that if I keep living at home, that I can save more than if I lived alone.

Anyway --- yeah --- just interesting how much interest the banks suddenly took in me for a moment there.

Like --- when my savings rate at my brokerage reached a certain level --- suddenly someone signed me up for some kind of millionaire challenge. I'll just say that for me at that time it was enough to take my savings and earnings and massively pay down my debt.

Yeah. Uh.

So basically I'll just note on this blog that bankers have been giving me "special treatment" lately, especially in just these past days as they send me a book and phone me up.

Basically, as I understand it --- I'm on the verge of moving from Middle Class to Upper Class. I mean, I'm really low-low-lower-upper-class, but still I would technically start qualifying as upper class at some point.

And then maybe I could expect women to be interested in me, which I hope they don't, because my family is too crazy.

Yeah. I guess. Special savings account offers not for everyone --- enrollment into a millionaire challenge program as my investing gets good ---- a free ebook from the CEO and a sudden subsequent phonecall asking me about how much I love my brokerage ------

Yes, these might be signs that I'm actually moving into upper-class. What I mean by that is my assets are starting to be worth more than my liabilities --- and that does technically mean I'm upper-class.

Of course, that should be a secret, but it's just too interesting to discuss how the banks have been contacting me lately.

And of course, my mind still wonders about ever getting paid for my actual work (video games). Do the banks know something I don't? (probably)

I have all kinds of speculations about what kinds of things might be going on with my royalties and sales ---- but my mind won't make itself up about what the true story is. Just a big mystery.

But yeah:: Major story here is that in the past year, and in the past day or two especially---- the banks are getting a lot warmer with me.

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