Monday, November 14, 2016

Playing a Game

This morning I checked my Youtube video activity and saw that someone was watching my Rant video about my relationship with Avril Lavigne and the LDS church.

And as I was playing a video game, the following thought crossed my mind in relation to that video:

I am utterly dumbfounded at how I gave the LDS church money, or how the LDS church expected me to give them money, just so they could tell me who my friends can and can not be.

They were so interested in freedom and capitalism, that they tax me an extra 10% so they can dictate to me who my personal relationships are.

That makes no sense.

It's true, though, that before I finally completely gave up on the LDS church, that the LDS leaders were telling me I didn't need to pay tithing anymore (but I still think they wanted me at the church).

There's just something so wrong with that, you know?

When I give someone money, it's either out of the goodness of my heart or I expect something good in return ----

but when I give money and all I get is nastiness that says I'm not allowed to be friends with someone --- what a load of bull.


I appeared to be giving the church money so the Bishop could tell me to deny my own testimony of the holy ghost, I gave the church money so the bishop could tell me to disobey the Prophet's definition of sincere forgiveness.

I mean, this situation is so absolutely effed up it can be no wonder why the church stopped requiring me to pay tithing -----

but yeah, I was giving 10% of my income so I could receive very bad service from church leaders -- apparently.

And that is completely messed up.

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