Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Not this again....

I was just making myself a pot of tea this morning when I got a phonecall.

The caller said they were from "a financial institution" and that they had information to give me about the markets.

To be honest, this didn't sound right to me, so I said something along the lines of "I don't care" --- and I hung up.

Either it's those binary options guys from when I signed up for Binary Options Robot that one time, and they decided to call again....

or it's someone who became aware of myself calling myself "upper class".

When I say "upper class", I mean it in the most humble way possible. I'm really not that loaded. I just don't have a lot of liabilities.

Anyway, getting a phonecall from a "financial institution" that wanted to talk about the markets didn't seem right to me.

I looked up the phone number online::: it was from Toronto or around Toronto, but there was no information on the number itself.

Just made me think of those Binary Options guys, really. It's ridiculous how much they phoned.

Can't trust people.

Anyway, just putting this out there, it doesn't seem right to me that this would happen. Seems like Binary Options Robot guys, like they can't leave me alone --- or it's because people think I'm wealthy ----- and whatever the case, I don't care about talking to some stranger about the markets over the phone.

I suppose I can feel good that people seem to view me as the rich guy now, cuz this is the kind of phonecall that a rich person would receive ---- but I honestly don't have THAT much interest in the markets and I'm honestly not THAT rich either.

So whatever.


A day to rwo ago I finished reading that free ebook my bank's CEO sent me --- in the book the author says that if you can consistently get over 18% return on investment that he should be reading the reader's book -- not the other way around.

I'm sorry to be so rude by hanging up on the guy ---- but though my brokerage should be well aware that I was "highly successful" --- for a while --- I'm really not sure I could dispense great advice about what to buy and what not to buy, nor would I want to, for most people.

If you want to know what I'm doing::: I'm just investing on relatively stable ETFs that pay decent monthly dividends right now. That's all I'm doing. I'm not riding any waves these days.

Another good piece of advise:: buy low, sell high. If your stock drops, just buy more. Unless, of course, the company is a "falling knife" --- some companies are doomed, and no matter how low they go they are not good investments.

I, however, might not be the best advisor about which stocks to pick though.

When I invested for the past few years, I just did what I thought I could with the knowledge I had ---- and the education I got in Grade 11 CALM class. Did well for me --- but I paid off much debt with that money so it's not like I have a lot of money to invest.

Anyway:: basic point of this "ADDITIONAL" is wondering if some people can see my success at my brokerage, and wondering if they think I'm some kind of genie of picking stocks. What I really did was follow the advice of a banker who spoke to my Grade 11 CALM class on a simple tactic on how to invest. It works pretty good, more or less, I would say.

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