Saturday, November 19, 2016

Happy 777th Post to me

Well, it's been a bunch of years, and a bunch of work, and now I've reached my 777th post.

Last night I was wondering about how insane I was to put my life out on the internet like this --- especially when it was nearly pointless financially -----

but yeah, I really was insane::::: I have had never ending psychological problems about the LDS Mormon church ---- just this morning I just felt I had to talk to my Dad AGAIN about how my mind is blown by how the the LDS Mormons practise "Forgiveness".

I am getting better, I am recovering, I discuss it less and less, and it bothers me less and less ---- but it does still bother me.

I am a psycho case, though I appear to be getting better.

So it's crazy I put my life out online like that considering the lack of financial benefit --- but yeah, I was crazy, having serious issues trying to understand my religion.

I suppose I "celebrated" 777 post day by buying a really cool indoor flying rc helicopter toy that shoots darts.

By later in the afternoon I had developed enough skill flying it to fly it from the living room to the kitchen, and then fire a dart hitting the chandelier -- although the chandelier was not my target. Sorry, no pics.

Life is really enjoyable in some ways part of the time, and in other ways other of the time it's an absolute misery. Things are OK for me right now though.

Oh --- OUYA responded to me on twitter about those downloads --- it was internal testing and fixing analytics bugs. Good to know.

Well, I guess I'm just another failed business, being kept afloat by the government's "investment" in me. I'm really just doing this all as an individual --- but it's like a business, I guess. Not successful financially though.

I know I shouldn't complain. I just look at these years of effort and wish people had been kinder. The world needs kindness and love.

Anyway. Yeah. 777th post. Yay me.

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