Friday, November 4, 2016

Got a Report

So a few days ago I observed that Doorless Darts was ranked highly on the O-Rank, but no sales reported.

Just last night, a sale for Doorless Darts was reported. Awesome.

However::: At the rate that I'm earning money on Cortex --- I can expect to receive my first paycheque from Cortex in SIX (6) to SEVEN (7) years.

I suppose earning a buck every month seems pretty cool, until you realize that to actually get paid that dollar you have to reach a threshold that's pretty high, and will take a long time to achieve - especially when I tend to sell $1 products.


Without the sales from books or games, it might seem weird that I'd claim upper-class status, and even weirder that I'd even say such a thing publicly.

Basically, YOUTUBE taught me this:::

Lower class buys stuff.
Middle class buys liabilities.
Upper Class buys assets.

My Dad is probably the lower class guy in our home. He's been lower class for a very long time.

But the other members of our household are reaching into upper-class territory ----- although I must stress that this is a "LOWER-upper class" household, because though we own more assets than liabilities ---- we don't own very much.

And it's weird that I'd talk about this publicly, but I hate keeping secrets.

We're low down on the scale of wealth, but we're still higher than a lot of people, I suppose.

But it's been a struggle for my family ---- we used to be pretty solidly a lower-class home.

We'll see how long this period in our lives lasts ---- My Mom won't be working forever.

That's the other thing --- though our household income is kind of high, realize we have 3 income earners and 4 mouths to feed in our house. So yeah. It's only "slightly" better off, I would say.

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