Saturday, November 12, 2016

Good Testing & More

I haven't talked about telepathy for a while, so here's the latest:::

For a while, I didn't do much or any telepathy experiments. Then, I realized I hadn't done any, so I tried a few "off the cuff" --- and failed.

Then I tried a strategy --- I would ask God for help to perform the test or experiment, and then I would perform the test.

I found massively improved performance when I experimented after asking God's help. Without asking, performance was very poor, but after asking, performance was quite good.

I can't remember too much about all the tests, except that there haven't been a whole lot.

I had either one or two 2/3's going on. Getting 2/3 even once in alphanumeric pick 3 is pretty spectacular --- and I didn't even do very many tests so the sample size of experiments was probably about 10-15.

I remember the only experiment I did today::

I got the first character wrong today, but the other two characters I read were:

"A 3"

My dad's original two characters I compared to were:

"V 8"

This is not one of those 2/3s I mentioned --- my 2/3(s) were spot-on ---- this one is a little bit loopier, but recognizable because A is like an upside-down V and the 3 was half of the 8.

I guess the point of this news post is just that my telepathy is doing pretty good --- and I think I can even use it as evidence of God's existence because I find that telepathy actually works half decently after asking God's help, but may not work at all without asking for help.


This morning I updated the intel-microcode driver on my Linux Mint Laptop with hopes that it would fix the rather frequent crashes my laptop has.

It crashed again once before writing this post, and again while writing this post. So annoying!!

I have two other linux machines that I run --- and they don't crash like my laptop does. WTH???


As for moving out of my parents home::: It makes great financial sense for me to stay at home with my parents. But for the sake of my safety and happiness, I may really have to move out on my own.

That means I won't be able to be much of an investor --- I won't be able to try for "aish-upper-class" if I move out, but I really think I might have to move out because of how absolutely impaired family members are. My Dad is a little impaired I think, and it's tough enough just with him ----- but my brother is so super-impaired I just can't handle it. I can't be around it.

I sure hope the rules allow me to move into this place by myself on my aish-and-little-else-more income ----- if I HAVE to have a room mate when I live somewhere, then I am absolutely screwed over because I don't have friends and my brother, the obvious choice for a room mate, is SO IMPAIRED (I mean that very seriously) that he's the major reason why I want to move out in the first place!!!

So::: Hopefully they'll let me live there by myself, and do it with just my aish --- because if I require more income or a room mate, then I am absolutely screwed-over. And this is the best deal I can see going on for me right now.


So, I won't be investing too much after I might move in to a new place ---

So, how about all those phonecalls I suddenly started getting? Yeah, that's real interesting ----

I think I responded well enough to most of those phonecalls ----

but that one guy who was calling from "A financial institution" --- I'm wondering if I should feel guilty about brushing him off or if I did the right thing.

1) I did not care to talk about Markets in any way shape or form at that time.
2) It just seemed so "seedy" that he claimed to be from an unspecified financial institution.
3) It reminded me so much of those binary-options people phoning up that this is basically the bin I thought I should put him in ---- and I'm really not interested at that point.

Anyway, that's my news for today.

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