Thursday, November 10, 2016

Good Opportunity Maybe?

Well, I may not have to die young after all --- on one hand my parents are hopeful my brother will recover (more or less) from the problems he's been having.

But regardless of whether or not my brother recovers:::

Living in a socialist province, the government has some caring about poorer disadvantaged people, and because of one certain good and helpful program the government has in place ----

If I'm lucky, if I find I truly can afford it::: I MIGHT be able to have my own place to live some day, and that some day could be within months!!!

I have some chance, maybe a 50/50 chance, of moving out of my parents house and living on my own in my own space.  That sounds wonderful.

Of course, I don't think my parents like this idea very much. They are both trying to warn me about possible extra costs and really questioning it. I think they just like having me around. And they may especially like having me around if their other son is rather loopy.

I realize I could be helpful to my parents if I always lived with them:: but:::

It has often been a dream of mine to have my own place ---- and in a predominately conservative society it's really hard to get a place to live, like things become so expensive ---- so maybe in this <5 years of a socialist government window, I really should probably take advantage of this opportunity that I might be able to have my own place.

So, I could even still technically live with my parents still --- it's just I would have a new property of my own where I could sleep whenever I wanted to.

And who knows all the details of why it's so hard to get paid for books and video games: maybe I'm deemed too rich in a progressive or socialist society (maybe, but that'll definitely change when I'm on my own), or maybe people just didn't pay me.

Well, if society had paid me for my work, socialism would have been less necessary in my life. If the bishop had just allowed me to pursue a friendship with Avril Lavigne, socialism may have been less necessary.

But, people didn't pay me, they stole from me (I have screenshots) --- so I essentially rely on social or progressive values at this point.

It just really sucks living in a mentally ill home where the Dad is unemployed and everyone's insane you know? I really tried to be a good student --- only to face so much torment that I lost my mind.

Anyway. So things are looking up. I can live better or more hopefully now. Yeah.

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