Thursday, November 3, 2016

Everything's Connected versus Privacy

Back in 2001 I had some realization in my mind that "they" were watching me.

Of course, if you believed such a thing back then, you are automatically insane.

But now, in today's world, where information can easily be accessed and discovered --- if often comes as no surprise that someone has heard such and such a thing.

Today when I told my doctor that the university called me in to do a psychological study on me --- she was wondering how exactly they found out about me --- but of course it was easy for me to explain that I have been very free with my information so undoubtedly there is a very good explanation about how they found my existence. I wrote and published a book that at least hundreds have read ----

anyway, it was a shock to the doctor that the university knew of me, but to me it was not such a surprise.

Anyway ---- perhaps ever since I was raised as a Mormon I have been very conditioned to not keep secrets (because secret combinations are wrong) and to forgive everyone (because of religious requirement). Even today, Mormonism has some effect on me.

The point is that I have been very free with information, so last night I saw a movie at the theatre, and in one of the previews at the movie there was a statement which I recognized as being something that I metioned at the university.

Anyway, somehow something I just told a University study somehow just ended up on a movie screen days later. Very weird. And the preview of the movie even reminded me of myself to some extent.

Well, this is the world we live in -----  a world where a university wants to study me and the elderly psychiatrist is surprised, a world where I tell the study something about myself and that thought suddenly appears in a movie preview....

and then there's Google. Chrome sees me visit financial websites, so of course Youtube shows me a lot about finances.

The really interesting one is where I visit a website for this university study, and now Youtube has shown me a video of a talk given that directly seems to relate to the topic of this university study.

Should I be scared that information travels so well? Actually, in so many ways freer information has been a very good thing.

But 16 years ago if you thought they had taken your ideas or were watching you or whatever you would be insane. Now it's normal.

But you know, everyone is playing their little games with me --- even in the psychiatric office.

In my last post I said something exciting has happened that is now considered "old hat" though it is exciting. I was using "old hat" as an excuse not to tell you ----

But yeah, I saw Avril Lavigne or Avril Lavigne's body double again today (or yesterday since it's now past midnight). Maybe it's just a halloween prank in the psychiatric office - who knows --- but it was exciting. I'm still going to try to not go into detail.

But it's also weird when you think you've met someone, but you can't really be too sure because it's a possible body double.

Did you know that there's a guy who works or used to work as a greeter at a local Wal Mart who I think looks just like Saddam Hussein? Yeah, it's really weird that way. Probably just a body double though.

Life is so crazy like that ---- but yeah it's good fun to see "Avril's" pretty face in person from time to time. She's basically my hero.

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