Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Doctor Visit

I tried writing the following post twice while away from home, but my blogger app on my iphone quit itself both times so I gave up. So, now from my mac, here we go:

I got my injection today, and they let me see my doctor.

I told her about how I compared myself to being like a sociopath or almost like a sociopath ---

She assured me I am NOT a sociopath --- my behaviour falls under a different mental illness category.

OK ---- so though I could identify kind of with what I heard about that sort of thing, the doctors think differently about me. I'm usually considered schizo-something.

And there was other big news for me today, but this sort of thing has kind of happened before --- so it's becoming "old hat", and I'll just refrain from going into detail to respect privacy.

But yeah, more cool stuff that I'm bursting and excited about, but I probably shouldn't say much more than that. I hate keeping secrets.

So::: life is good.

Oh --- and I told my doctor my idea that either lots of people can't be trusted, or else the government is keeping me down financially ------ the doctor didn't verify or deny either position. She definitely didn't deny it, and basically said we'd have to wait and see.

But life is good, and I am happy.

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