Friday, November 18, 2016

Curiosity and Questions

In the past 3 days, my game Coconuts versus Bananas has been downloaded 10 times. The Bananatree Brothers was downloaded 5 times. If the system worked as you'd think it should, I should have made $25 from this ---- but no, nothing has been reported but the downloads. (no sales)

I am very curious about what is going on here.

Yesterday I tried sending a tweet to OUYA, asking about this, and this morning I checked the tweet's stats and found it only had 3 impressions.

That means I'm probably like, the only guy who saw the tweet. None of my 300+ followers even saw it.

Am I in trouble?

Anyway. Yeah. I have speculations about what's going on, but I can't really be too sure --- even telepathy is highly flawed. I am very limited in what I can understand, I can speculate, but I know that not everything that passes through my head is actually true --- so I don't really fully know.

I'm just really really curious. I can think of all kinds of possibilities --- but which is the truth?

Though I've been supporting socialism for years now --- I have to admit my psychology is a bit messed up about the possibility or potential of becoming rich, but then slamming into a glass ceiling that says I need to share with someone else.

I totally know that the poor need help - I totally get that ------ but I used to be a capitalist before I was a socialist, and years before the switch I set a goal for myself to make a million dollars ---- so psychologically I'm kind of in a bit of a weird state.

It's kind of like how I once totally supported the mormon church, and now I don't. The person who I used to be has a past that still runs into the future, even though I've changed course. It might be a little difficult to explain.

I guess I just have huge curiosity about why I'm not making money.

Am I in trouble?

Am I helping others?

Who knows.


As I think about the possibility that I might be facing trouble --- it's sad for me --- growing up I always tried to be a good boy. But that doesn't stop half a classroom of schoolmates from trying to hypnotize me to do things I shouldn't do.

It doesn't stop a bishop from being corrupt, or the church from never even being true in the first place --- it doesn't stop all kinds of normal human psychological frailty.

I suppose it's good if I'm helping others ---- but if I'm in trouble, then I'm sad because I always tried to do what I thought was right, unless at the time I really was just being completely insane ---- but that's insanity, and not me.


Anyway - just think: 10 copies of Coconuts versus Bananas distributed --- 4 players per game ----- that's 40 people who all apparently couldn't afford $2. I've only ever sold one copy of that game, and before that the previous sale was refunded.

Well, Youtube has tried to explain to me that there are a lot of really poor people in the world. So huh.


I guess my path to wealth is a social benefit and a tax-free savings account, rather than actual work. Something is very weird about that. Just so strange.


I just remembered:: the LDS Church was always teaching me about "service work", which is just a new term for slavery:::: The LDS church was teaching us, expecting us to want to work for free, without payment. They'd give vague promises of blessings and good feelings.

Ah, anyway. See how my past goes into my future even though I've changed direction?

I used to believe in service work under mormonism --- now i don't believe in mormonism anymore --- but I'm still doing "free" work where I don't get paid [much]. Hmmmm.


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