Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Congratulations to my Father

I hate joining political parties --- they're always asking for money.

But I do love Canadian political parties. I don't want to be entirely involved, but I love that Canada has such a great selection of choices to choose from.

For different reasons, I think I can say that I have appreciation for all of Canada's 3 major political parties: The Conservatives, the NDP and the Liberals.

They are different, but I appreciate all three::: they all have something good to add the conversation.

So:: some news today, and as I was thinking about it, I couldn't help feel kind of excited and then I can't help but talk about my excitement on my blog.

Anyway::: I saw the mail come in, I didn't read any attached letters, but I did notice that The Conservative Party of Canada has awarded my Father, Douglas Attfield, a "Certificate of Merit".

My Dad doesn't seem to fully understand the situation there --- he must've done something really good, but it hasn't quite hit him yet ----

or else the interim party leader "Rona Ambrose" has made a very weird decision.

If this Certificate of Merit is being awarded to all party members::: yeah, that would be very weird. Kind of makes you think about that situation.

But if it's true, that my Father is being specifically honoured, though I don't always vote conservative -- I can actually feel proud about this.

But who knows really right? My Dad doesn't fully understand it I think, to him the world has just gotten a bit loopier with this award, as I am trying to understand and depict what he said ----

but I think I can kind of understand it.

My Dad's idea that "this is loopy" might come from an idea that maybe they are handing out these certificates to all party members, but if it is specifically for him ---- then yeah, I feel proud at this point.

I didn't read any attached letters --- but I have some idea that this might actually be an actual honour. Wow. Congrats.

And maybe it's bad for me to gloat about such a thing, but hey, it started to excite me and I hate keeping secrets.

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