Thursday, November 3, 2016

57000 Pageviews and Today's News

Wow --- it's 11/3, and I've officially reached 57000 pageviews, like that's some kind of milestone or something. Huh.

The Mail just arrived moments ago --- it's like each day my family keeps getting more and more requests, even from charities we've never donated to before, for money. They just keep asking.

I like helping people, and we may be somewhat rich in our family, but we just aren't rich enough to help everyone. And I'm still not really getting paid for most of my efforts.

The good news is, and if dreams are indicative of the future then this is good, and history tells me that dreams can be very indicative of the future:::

The good news is last night I had a dream where I owned a banana farm, and I was selling the bananas for big money.

The dream keeps me hopeful.

As for my psychology, I'm almost wishing I had never even hinted about an idea that I might be sociopathic ---- because I don't want anyone to be confused about my diagnosis.

Youtube has educated me some more about psychology ---- I'm not anti-social (sociopathic), I am more likely asocial, a diagnosis my Mom could accept closer to my reality, and is known to exist in people with schizophrenia and autism and so on.

So::: I AM NOT SOCIOPATHIC. I AM NOT ANTI-SOCIAL ----- I probably was kind of asocial however, and I'm a bit of an introvert. :)

Just gotta learn the difference between anti-social and asocial.


So yeah, my family is kind of rich, but we have 4 mouths to feed and a number of nephews/grandchildren, plus I'm not really getting paid. Charities keep on asking it seems however.

Just hopeful and good news that last night I dreamt I was making a fortune from a Banana Farm.  Dreams can be wonderful at predicting the future some times, from my experience.


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