Monday, October 31, 2016

New Game Rankings

So earlier today I posted about seeing the possibility that I sold things but it's not reported.

Maybe today's rankings of these two games are halloween trickery, but nonetheless I almost never rank anywhere near 148 --- and of course there are 0 (no, none, zero) sales reported.

Either someone was opening and closing Doorless Darts repetitively, or they bought it.

Either way, they either just didn't pay $0.99, or the payment didn't get reported.

I think I have a screenshot from a while back about The Bananatree Brothers:

These Bananatree Screenshots date back to closer when the game was released, they aren't very recent, but still::: I was ranking way up there, and very few sales were reported.

Bananatree Brothers has only ever had SIX (6) sales reported to me. --- so one has to wonder how I ended up ranking like it was some kind of super elite game on the O-Rank.


So yeah, just interesting that I would say what I said earlier today in the other post, and now I see a high ranking again, with no sale obviously.

I do feel good, but I kind of wonder what that's all about.

Do people play Practise mode by closing and reopening the game repetitively? Do they actually pay me? I was once told Doorless Darts was one of the better games on OUYA by someone who used to work at OUYA: so why only 13 purchases?

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