Sunday, October 2, 2016


So last Friday I was talking to my parents and my Mom decided she would reimburse me for the loss of my Chromebook --- so the next day with partial funding from my Mom I was able to buy a brand shiny new iPad. It's really nice.

Then today, after living through the day and listening to music on my new ipad, I suddenly realized that having bought the iPad I was about to have another banking crisis in a day or two with my Plan Canada automatic withdrawal which I was about to have non-sufficient funds for,

so my Mom came to the rescue again and now I'll be able to pay that bill on time (I'm hoping, as long as there are no screw ups at the bank).

But here's the weird thing::: After coming home from depositing some money in my bank account to cover the bill payment ---- we came home and my Dad said he found my Chromebook.

Tada!! Someone stashed it in his sock box (like a sock drawer except it's a box he keeps under his bed).

Well, I'm just going to say that it's most likely happened to be this way because of a very-very mentally ill member of my family. He likes to unplug the kettle, the toaster, he unplugged the TV, he probably hid my chromebook, and there are other items broken or missing around the house as well, so yeah --- experience dictates who I should blame for these problems.

This is a big reminder of my childhood.  This member of my family once reported to the LDS missionaries, when asked, that he was a Jerk when he was a kid.

Yeah --- with this kind of jerky mental illness in our household, combined with my evil sister ----- and yes, my childhood was just plain hell. I didn't get to enjoy it much.

Why can't people just be good and nice? Is being good and nice too much to ask for? Seriously, I mean, come on.

I was a good and nice kid, and over time the abuse wore me down until I was a freakin' maniac. But seriously, I try. Or I tried. Now that I'm being a good boy again, it's starting to wear me down again that this member of my family has suddenly decided to start misbehaving himself again.

As for my Chromebook --- I normally leave my Chromebook turned off, so it's apparent that the thief turned it on and didn't know how to turn it off, because the battery was drained to absolute zero. That is really not a good thing for the health of my technology.

Oh ---- and it wouldn't reconnect to the home wireless network either. Bloody heck.

At least I have a new iPad. At least I got something good out of the deal.

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