Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Received a Paranormal Investigation Press Release

I stupidly said the event was on October 27th, it's actually October 25th at 7:00pm

So, Yeah, I kind of messed up there. I fixed it though, very quickly. No idea where I got October 27th from, unless I'm a little bit weird in the head and though the 7pm part went into the date. Yeah.

Uh, so I screwed up originally, according to the email it's at October 25th 7:00pm and the link to the livestream will be available on October 25th.

I can't believe I screwed that up -- but I'm glad I was quickly able to fix it.


Well:: It's happened.

Someone who actually knows my personal and private email address, well, somehow "They" know who I am and I've received a press release in the email. I mean --- this is big news, considering that the names attached to the press release involve APTN and the Government of Canada.

A local event is being held here in Calgary of some kind of Paranormal Investigation of THE PRINCE HOUSE at Heritage Park here in Calgary.

It's a paranormal investigation with an indigenous take on spirituality, because they said in the press release that this is being done by indigenous people and the people in the picture look indigenous.

so I'm told the link to the livestream will be available on October 25th, but the livestream itself is on October 25th at 7:00pm.

Well, it is extremely cool that I actually received a press release in the email --- although I'm not a professional reporter, never went to school to learn that stuff, and I wonder how bad I'm screwing this up.

But yeah, there have apprently been signs of paranormal activity at The Prince House at Heritage Park and there's going to be a livestreamed investigation, which someone from an actual TV Network which works in corroboration with the Government of Canada actually decided to tell me about in a press release. Yay - special me. hahaha.

I guess it would be a good idea to mention that this is from "THE OTHER SIDE PRODUCTIONS INC"

I guess I should also just copy and paste what the email said here:

Ghostly sightings of a woman in the window, loud stomping from the third floor, a balcony window that swings open without explanation. Are these the ghosts of Anthony Prince, the wealthy entrepreneur who owned the house or one of his three wives who all passed away in the house?

The Other Side is thrilled to be working with the production company Bamboo Shoots as they livestream a paranormal investigation of ghostly occurrences.

Be part of the energy of this first time event at the Prince house.  

Then tune in on Thursday, October 27, 2016
For the season premiere of THE OTHER SIDE

Jeff Richards, Tom Charles, Michaella Shannon
Rob King & Trevor Mack

Canadian ghost hunters with an Indigenous twist

Spirits walk among us. Indigenous people know and accept this. But whether they are playful or shy, or angry and violent, they are here for a reason.  

Intuitive Jeff Richards, researcher Michaella Shannon and elder and spirit guide Tom Charles are on a mission to find out why.
Using intuition, ceremony, technology, and sheer nerves, the team engages spirits and humans alike with the hope that both will find peace.

Oh wait ---- it says here this is for local media, that local media is invited. Now I'm not even sure if it's appropriate for me to mention this on my blog.

Oh they're booking interviews and things. Wow. When was the last time I did an interview? OMG.

Well, even if it's almost pointless for me to post this because it says it's for local media, I guess I can just say that I feel special to have received a press release that somehow has government of Canada involvement. Thanks everyone.

I might even watch this myself ---- although I love watching football, and I often end up missing games because I'm busy with other things or completely forget. I should put this in my Calendar.

Sorry people who sent me this press release::: I'm not a professional media identity, and I have no clue how badly you feel I butchered your press release, but thanks for making me feel special.

So, there are RSVPs to set visits, and this says it's for local media, but I wonder if I as a media person should be telling other people about this. Anyway.

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