Thursday, October 20, 2016

PM was in a LiveStream Today

I was playing around with my Forge TV this morning, and I quit the game and saw on the video feed a CBC video saying they were holding a LiveStream of the Canadian Prime Minister giving a speech.

I turned on the LiveStream. I was a bit early, thankfully, so I didn't really miss anything.

The location and time of the LiveStream was a newly opened Amazon Fulfillment Centre in Brampton Ontario.

The Prime Minister was there to essentially gloat about Canadian business and economic opportunities.

And this relates to me, because I kind of have to wonder if this speech today had anything to do with how a Market Research Company with a Federal Profile called me on the phone last night (although, I wasn't there to receive it).

I guess the Government, with yesterday press release and phonecall, are telling me that they realize I'm here, and they consider me to be a business of some sort, and basically it was kind of like praise or recognition for my efforts I guess, seeing as how today the Prime Minister was gloating about Canadian Businesses.

So, I guess I'm visible enough to the Canadian Marketplace or Economy or Government or whatever that they even recognized me and contacted me yesterday before this big event.

Special me. Just like all the other businesses.

But to be honest, I guess I should admit that Amazon DOES play a technically BIG role in my business, as they are the only legitimate resellers of my ebook (as of a while ago) and they sell my paperbacks, and they are a portal to get the Forge TV and all.

OK. So, I've been noticed. Special.

I have had dreams of selling millions of my currently released projects and being able to build a real video game company or whatever --- with actual employees ---- but I haven't really been paid much beyond my provincial disability, so I'm not creating any corporations or hiring employees when I can't feel certain that people would actually buy my stuff.

And without people paying me, it feels hard to want to continue --- I definitely feel encouraged to continue, especially with recent events mentioned above ---- but doing the same things over again might be like beating a dead horse with a stick ---- so I'm not quite sure what my next step is right now.

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