Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Paranormal Investigation LiveStream Tonight

So, I didn't receive any emails containing any links to "The Other Side"'s paranormal investigation livestream, but then I saw a link in the original press release.


Go to that URL to watch their live stream tonight at 7pm, that should work I think.

I mean, they included a specific link just for me or something, but I'm not sure I'm supposed to share that. Who knows. Anyway, their main website seems to be available for viewing at some point today.


Not that this is important for my blog, but today I got ANOTHER phonecall!!! This time it's a University wanting to do research on me. This might seem special, but it's happened before so it's not a big deal.


I'm celebrating to myself because I've actually started reading more. For a good long time while I was being sick, my brain was mostly turned off of reading. But last year I started subscribing to iPad magazines and I read a bit, and now I've almost finished reading a novel and a short novella or novellette or something. Yay me. I just feel better knowing that I CAN read --- because it sucks when your brain is turned off.


So, yeah. Huh. Paranormal Investigation tonight. The website URL is posted above. 7pm. MOUNTAIN TIME. I suppose I should specify that it's at 7pm MOUNTAIN TIME.

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