Friday, October 7, 2016

I've Qualified

So, yesterday I got the email, and today I logged in to my online banking and got a similar message.

This season, I have again qualified, like earlier this year, for the special high-interest savings account that's not offered publicly --- up to $500,000.

It's funny, because somehow, with my negative checking account balance and empty savings accounts, somehow I am qualified to have a special savings rate up to an astronomical amount of money I don't have, but it's like they'd expect that I'd have it (since they're mentioning it).

I feel encouraged by this message, but I'm not quite sure what to do.

I mean, I have a negative balance, and I'm qualified for high interest on up to 500,000. Yeah. Huh.

I wonder how that worked eh? :)

Basically, I think they're just implying to me that with all the work I've done, and potential sales I've had ---- I should be a lot richer.

I will just mention again that I can think of many reasons why I might not get paid or reported to properly by my publishing companies.

Like, for example, it's possible that due to my legal status of being disabled, that I'm not allowed to control my own money, besides the disability benefit I receive.  That is one very simple explanation.

But it does actually make me feel better or encouraged to see that the bank expects that I would have a whole lot more, because that limit of 500,000 is so important to mention for a guy who has less than 0 funds right? :)


I'm trying to think of other news right now, and though I'm certain I could think of things to talk about last night, I'm coming up empty in my thought process right now.

Oh, I guess I could say that our family has also received like, a zillion request by phone and mail recently from charities asking for money. That's the other thing. Did I already mention that one charity implicitly asked for $100,000?  Yeah, really weird, considering I'm on a disability benefit. Yeah. Huh. A benefit worth less than $20,000 a year.

So, who knows what's going on, but I suspect the people I talk to in my circles are hiding things from me, or else they just plain don't really know themselves.

I tried asking Cortex once about what the sales actually look like, but they remained silent.

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