Wednesday, October 19, 2016

How I'm Horrible to my Fans

So::: I've been working for 6 years on my books and video games, and in this time I've had TWO real big fans come up during that time ---- both from overseas.

They'd talk to me, and I'd talk with them, and we were being friendly,

but I have to admit, that I have probably been horrible to my two biggest fans.


Well, the first female fan to come along wanted to be my girlfriend pretty much, and I was perfectly OK with exchanging emails with her ---- but then she wanted to get into exchanging naughty photos, so that's when I canned the relationship. Yeah.

And then there was another fan who was absolutely overjoyed about my existence, and he even invited me to come to his country. I don't get paid enough to travel like that, and well, he was basically as in to me as I was in to Avril Lavigne, and this helped me realize that I've bothered Avril way too much over the years. Anyway, his complete persistence along with a lack of realization on his part that I eventually gave up Mormonism kind of led me to stop talking to him too.

So::: I've had two big fans, who I've talked to, and I eventually stopped talking to. Makes me kind of horrible, but I also kind of had my reasons.


I've received many offers over the recent years or month from people claiming they can make me rich with little education and little effort.

Though it was enticing to me to finally hit it rich after all these years of fruitless effort, I just started to ignore these messages too ---- I often found that they would be involved with this "binary trading" fad that's going around, and I've decided that I don't trust this binary option stuff so much.


And yes, it's kind of sad how with little to no effort or education you can make all the money in the world, but when I actually tried to actually do something with my life and my works I wasn't paid much of anything.

That kind of makes me sad too.

So yeah. Huh.

I'm horrible to my fans --- I don't jump at most quick rich offers ---- and the world is just a real strange place with how they say they pay people for no effort yet effort goes unrewarded. So weird.

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