Saturday, October 22, 2016

Ghost Sex

I was sitting here today thinking about things, and a topic I've discussed before crossed my mind, and then I realized Halloween is coming --- So I'm going to write about this topic again:

Ghost Sex.

Whether it be a demon, an angel, or a dead person::: in my personal experience it is all too clear that the world of unseen beings is very capable of interacting with the living, even sexually. I have had numerous experiences, personally, in my own life, of having sex with the invisible.

OK -- I know a lot of people out there don't believe in Ghosts, and therefore I was just crazy and hallucinating --- so whatever, OK, i get a disability payment which I totally deserve at this point, but some of us DO believe in ghosts, so here's what I'm explaining:

In some Christian Churches, there are Demons that exist who come along and sexually stimulate people. I read in a Mormon book that there's a Mormon belief that the dead may return to the world of the living and cause sin as a ghost in the living beings.

Personally, in my own life, there are many possibilities about what may have caused me to become sexually activated in my youth --- But the one I believe in the most is the likelihood that a recently-deceased relative had sexually molested me after her death.

Some people say it's hormones, maybe someone drugged me without me knowing, or maybe it was just a ghost with too much child-love.

Whatever the case is::: How often to young men get sexually abused by ghosts or demons, how often are our hormones just too powerful and beyond our own controls ---- how often does the church or society punish and abuse young men who are subjected to the molestation?

You see, a guy doesn't have to choose to have sex in order to be driven to have sex. A guy can be driven to have sex without his own free will being involved in the act ---- whether it be a ghost molesting or just overpowering hormones.

So, either an environmental variable has molested a person, or the person's own chemistry is too powerful ----


You see, my psychiatrist pointed out to me that sexual urges can be so strong in men that masturbation is actually useful in avoiding sexual assault.

In some men, the urges are just so strong they HAVE TO HAVE SEX --- so what's better, masturbation, or fornication or worse?

Though masturbation is the most tame and harmless way to release sexual energy --- In my experiences Churches jump on any chance at all to torment a young man about his inclination to avoid sexually assaulting someone.

That's right::: I chose not to sexually assault someone and now the church torments me about it.

So freakin' smart.

Anyway::: MORMONS should technically believe in dead people returning to the living and causing sin because it is written in their book ---- and I do personally believe that people do have sexual interactions with the world of the invisible, and that young men may even get molested by the unseen

so if a young man has been molested by a ghost --- HOW CAN THE CHURCH JUSTIFY TORMENTING, CRITICIZING and CONDEMNING a young man for the ABUSE they've already BORNE?

For a church that says they "are required to forgive all men" ---- they sure do get awfully upset about a little harmless sin that may have actually been caused by a ghost.

And if it was caused by the boy's own hormones:: what would you rather he do, masturbate or worse?

Besides, in Elder Vaughn J Featherstone's talk "A Self-Inflicted Purging" young men are expected to use their magic powers to stop masturbation urges in their own bodies. The term used was "transmute" --- that's an alchemy term, and alchemy is in the realm of magic, so the general authority said young men should use their magical powers to stop themselves from having masturbation urges ---

except in my experience if a young man starts having magical experiences the church will just start using psychiatric medication because of how crazy the magic is ---- so I really have no f***ing clue anymore.

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