Sunday, October 9, 2016

Feeling Sad

I've had unending psychological problems likely stemming from being raised in the LDS Mormon church, being told since a young and early age in the church that certain things about God and mormon reality were the absolute truth ---- and I was told these things for a very long time -----

The church eventually told me I'd work miracles, and then forced me on drugs for believing in miracles....

eventually I discovered the church wasn't really true....

I've had pretty bad psychological problems over the LDS church with how they brainwashed me when they raised me, and how I later found out it was all a lie.

And I recently tried to warn my sisters and their husbands that they probably shouldn't do the same thing to their children, as far as I'm concerned it is morally wrong to lie to a child about things since their early childhood and basically just raise them believing in lies that were never true....

Well, I tried to warn my sisters' families against doing this, but now, my brother-in-law who is the husband of one of my sisters, said my information is "askew" --- as if he believes the church really is 100% true, and he fully intends on raising his family in the organization and believing all the stuff they're told.

I just want to say that this makes me sad.

I've experienced so much that I know the church can't really be trusted in my own personal life, and my brother-in-law is perfectly willing to completely ignore all that, all that I personally experienced.

The church can run around in my country telling my people what to believe, they can run around the internet posting their religion everywhere, and though this church told me I'd work miracles and then started drugging me for believing in miracles --- I'm not allowed to tell this brother-in-law my problems with the church anymore.

Seems kind of lopsided doesn't it? They get to proclaim their words everywhere, and he won't now let me just tell him what my problems are?

Anyway, what's really sad is basically I understand is that my brother-in-law fully intends on lying to his own children throughout their lives.

Science discovered the LDS Church claims were false, but my brother-in-law fully intends, it seems, on propping up the LDS church and teaching the same lies to his own children.

It just makes me sad.

And though the LDS church feels a responsibility to tell their story everywhere,  I'm not allowed to explain my problems with the whole thing to my brother in law.

Just a pretty sad situation has developed.

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