Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Exciting Stuff

When Japanese Disney emailed me offering lots of money, I misunderstood a lot and everyone around me thought the whole thing was fake, so though they still send email, I'm not inclined to translate every little message --- and that's going nowhere, especially if it is fake.

But for the longest time in the past years ---- no one ever phones me. Maybe two years ago or whatever I might've met up with someone I once knew in high school and visited ---- but other than that, no one phones me.

The only recent phonecalls I have ever received were from those Binary Options people after I was slightly interested in what they were saying --- but I ended up shutting that down because they phoned too much and it started to seem, or kept on seeming, kind of wrong.

Well, today I was busy, but I came back and found that my Dad had received a phonecall --- for me.

OMG. This like, NEVER HAPPENS out of the blue.

So I looked up the phone number online::: it had a Canadian Government profile for a market research and data collecting company.

O M G.

Just earlier today I received a press release (which has pretty much never happened before) for a media event and the Government of Canada was attached to that ----

and now a company phones me --- and this company has a federal government profile ---

I am actually feeling excited.

Not sure what else to say --- other than this is the type of thing a person would usually keep to themselves, except it's so exciting to me and I hate keeping secrets.  Somethings I don't tell people, often names and places, but I like to talk about whatever.

Anyway. Yeah. So most people probably wouldn't blog about having received a phonecall ----

but I never receive phonecalls, and when I see the government has some attachment to this stuff, it's just kind of exciting.

What could a market research and data collection company want to know from me? yeah, I sell things, but I don't usually get paid much or anything. hahaha.

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