Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Mixed Bag of Feelings

I was watching some business news on TV when they talked about the number of international subscribers to Netflix, which was, if I remember correctly, about 3.2 million, and then I turned on my computer to write this post and did a google search for the number of subscribers to netflix.

I then also remembered the supposedly many subscribers to Apple Music in the past year which number is actually quite small compared to the population of western nations.

This might explain why I'm having such a hard time selling product.

People rich enough to afford netflix probably won't be buying Forge TV's, unless they are really rich, and Forge TV doesn't have netflix easily preconfigured.

Basically::: I look at this data and again realize that the world is very poor. There are a lot of poor people, and if those people can't even afford netflix, then of course my products aren't going to sell. At all.

And the thought of countless poor people made me sad.

But, the other day my Dad said I was a little bipolar, so this is what's making me happy:::

I look at my rankings on the OUYA and Forge TV, and I can actually feel good about my positions on those rankings.

I rank maybe 50% to a bit higher than 50% up the O-Rank or Z-Rank usually with my highest game, but that's about all I can expect to hope for on a good day with my games --- So seeing my games ranking moderately at all actually helps me feel good.


Another thing that helps me feel good is though my home and family situation isn't absolutely perfect, it's not that bad either. Things could be better in my opinion, but we've been helped a lot by so much and it's not actually absolutely horrible either.

Sometimes we focus our attention on the negative, but now I'm feeling good about all the things that have gone right in my family. And I mean ---- we have had a lot of good come into our lives, lots of help.

And because the help we received is very community oriented, in fact, socialist health care is a big reason my family is doing as well as it is:::: I suppose I just have to accept that if I sell something it might go to support the community, or something else. (I just have a suspicion that money I get from selling product gets diverted) ---- I mean, seeing how much the community has helped us, I just have to accept that my earnings might be helping someone else. Yeah.

But in all seriousness::: The socialist health care my family has received has been absolutely beautiful::: my family is so messed up in the head I would hate to see where we'd be without the help of psychiatric doctors and a caring community.

It's like a slow torture just to have these problems in our family, but the help we get is worth it and way better than the no-help alternative. We'd be utterly screwed without socialist health care. And that is very sad indeed --- probably one big reason why I'll never personally reproduce.

So::: I'm sad about a lot of the state of affairs in the world, but I am feeling happy that my games are as popular as they are and that the community has helped us so much. Thanks everyone.

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