Sunday, September 11, 2016

Today's Interesting News

Yikes, I realized a little while ago I mentioned TowerFall (game) in regards to my dating preferences and that today's 9/11.

I didn't mean any disrespect: I noted that the Prime Minister said 9/11/2001 affected many Canadians from coast to coast: and I am included in that.

I was extremely upset by the tragedy, and personally, after all the personal problems I was experiencing at that time, the tragedy was the final straw that caused me to lose my mind and I went barking mad for a long time. I was one extremely messed up person at that time --- I didn't handle it very well.


I also noticed that Avril said something to commemorate the tragedy today, and then she also said she was preparing her Veggies for Fall.

Sorry, I can't help but see the food reference and the "TowerFall" video game reference as significant --- especially as she celebrated National Siblings Day and then Jetted off to the Bahamas later that week earlier this year ---- She's like my psychotherapist or something, trying to make me feel loved or something.

Anyone who doesn't know: TowerFall is an OUYA/Cortex video game, and my latest video game centres around eating your veggies. I hope no one is offended by me making these references. Bahamas were important because Banana Island is a location in the games I created.


But the real reason I started writing this post::


For a while, my telepathy hadn't been doing so good.

Today I prayed to God, asking Him to let me read my Mom's mind.

The first test I did with my mom I got 1/3.

Then I tried again.

I wrote down: C A R

her original was: B A R

------ this is one of the best examples of telepathy I have ever experienced, likely made possible by the fact that I asked GOD for help.

Atheists seem to be very intelligent people and it's so tempting to want to take on Atheist viewpoints ---- but after so many experiences like this, where I can pray to God and get the real help I asked for, I can't really personally be an atheist.

I then tried a test on my Dad and failed.

But something really interesting happened today: Part of my brother's new insanity is that he's taken notice of my telepathy thing, and he's become more of a believer. Sometimes I wonder if he and I have some level of mental connection.   Here's an example of what I mean by that:::

Today, I was pacing between the kitchen and the living room, and my brother was just seated on a chair in the living room. I was thinking, he wasn't saying anything. We were both being quiet.

And I was thinking something that was moderately humerous ---- and the humor I was thinking would be a no-go for Google monetization ----- but anyway, I thought something moderately humerous, and just as I finished thinking it out of nowhere he just burst out laughing. I was chuckling to myself too -----

But that was just interesting, so I thought something I was laughing at to myself, and he bursts out laughing at the exact same moment.  Seemed extremely coincidental.

But another experience like this was a week or two ago when he and I were both silently sitting at the kitchen table. I suspected we may have developed a link, so one of the things I thought was "I'm going to say 'HI', and when I do, you say 'Hello'".  So basically, I just tried telepathically transmitting the idea that I would say Hi and he should say Hello.

I said Hi.

He grumbled a quick "hello", as if he was mumbling.  We didn't talk to each other that whole time other than that.

Anyway, I earlier suspected that he and I may have had a link, but it wasn't a concrete link and I didn't mention it because it wasn't concrete.

But today's laughing experience startled me enough that I'm now mentioning this.

And I'll just say, if I remember correctly --- the first mind reading test I did with my brother worked out well enough.

So, Kreskin and me and my Parents seemed to have driven my brother to being a believer -- which has kind of been crazy for him --- but I do recognize that something might be real, something might be there. -- although, he does seem to need some level of help, even if some of this is perceptibly real.

I will finish this post by saying I know there's more out there, because over a year ago I had been watching Youtube videos of Poltergeists caught on Camera, just objects going flying on security footage for no reason ----- and then the next day I was hanging around upstairs when I heard a crashing noise downstairs in my bedroom. No one had been in my bedroom, but I found that my light fixture had fallen from the roof and that the light fixture's lense was completely shattered. Definitely seemed like a poltergeist to me --- since I had only just watched the videos the night before, and never on any other occasion has something like this happened out of the blue.

The magic is definitely real as far as I'm concerned.


And I hope no one will be offended at my references to the tragedy, a tragedy that seriously upset me and I ended up losing my mind at that time.

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